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Parmanian Acres Heritage Farm Animals

Animals raised at Parmanian Acres

The Dibert Line

Sow- Dibert's Solid Stone- Reg. # F-2006-120

Sow- Dibert's Crystal Clear- Reg. # F-2007-31

Our Breeding Groups

Dibert's "SOLID STONE" F-2006-120 DOB 6/20/06
Dibert's "CRYSTAL CLEAR" F-2007-31 DOB 12/3/07
Parmanian's "HOPE" No: 1092 DOB 1/11/11
Maveric's "FONTAINE" F-2010-309 DOB 7/23/09
Maveric's "CLARICE" F-2008-81 DOB 5/1/07
Parmanian's "'ICY II" No: 1291 DOB 8/8/11
Maveric's "HURLEY" No: 1228 DOB 6/8/11        
Rock's "HAZEL" Reg No: 1094 DOB 2/14/11
Rock's "HOLLY" Reg No: 1095 DOB 2/14/11
Rock's "HELGA" Reg No: 1097 DOB 2/14/11
Maveric's "HOGAN" No: 1376 DOB 8/20/11
Maveric's "HANNA" No: 1223 DOB 6/18/11
Maveric's "HARA" No: 1227 DOB 6/8/11
Parmanian's "HARVEY" No: 1099  DOB 4/17/10                          
New Creation "VICTORIAN ROSE" F-2008-67 DOB 2/28/08
Maveric's "FARAI" F-2010-257 DOB 7/25/09
Maveric's "ENAKSHI" F-2010-67 DOB 8/4/08
Maveric's "DAPHINE" F-2008-120 DOB 5/22/07
Maveric's "BERNADETTE" F-2005-20 DOB 6/6/05     
Holiday's "HOLT" F-2006-20 DOB 8/15/05
Maveric's "FRITZI" F-2010-308 DOB 7/23/09
Maveric's "ELAINE" F-2008-137 DOB 2/20/08

Maveric's "Holiday's BEST BOY" F-2006-54 DOB 4/05/04
Pulley's Rolyn Acres "EDNA" F-2009-25 DOB 1/19/08
Pulley's Rolyn Acres "EFFI" F-2009-33 DOB 5/13/08
Maveric's "ELMO" F-2010-47 DOB 9/13/08

Parmanian Acres
Heritage Breeds


Parmanian Acres


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